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“Khrustalny Zvon” - glass bottle for foodstuff industry

More than 20 years on the container-glass market

About us

The company was established in 1998 and specializes in the manufacture of exclusive and souvenir glass containers: decanters, carafes, bottles and jars for vodka, brandy, whiskey, wine and other beverages. It’s important that all supplies are equipped with glass, plastic and other plugs, sealing and heat-shrink caps. Glass containers are produced both for sale, and exclusively for customers on their design. For that purpose we fabricate the model and the general view as agreed. Then goes providing the design documentation and test mold kit. The customer can also obtain a number of trial samples and a serial mold kit if desired. At the beginning of 2016, the price of the mold kit for rotor lines started from 0.6 million rubles with a resource of minimum 3 million bottles, and for section lines from 1.4 million rubles with a resource of minimum 14 million bottles. The mold kit production time is from 30 days. Our advantage: - an extensive experience of one of the first manufacturers in decanters and carafes production with glass stopper; - an original bottles design, a world famous models’ replacement production; - all supplies are equipped with a capping set and other means for a glass-container supply; - the shortest production deadline for mold kits starts out of 30 days; - granting a partial payment deferral for regular customers. Our company also can work on the decoration for bottles, shots, glasses, ashtrays, brandy and wine glasses with a screen printing through the decal or with an on-line coating and embossing using various colors of gold or metallic foil and with a volumetric effect. Orders from 5 thousand pieces are carried out. Also there can be performed barrel and arc - shaped surfaces decoration.

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